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5 Great Homework Tips for Parents

Updated: Sep 6, 2018

It is understandable that most kids do not enjoy doing their homework after a long day at school. For this reason, it is important for parents to maintain their children motivated and focused as they complete it. In order to make this daily task run smoother, Maestri Tutoring has brainstormed 5 Great Homework Tips for Parents.

1. Create Homework Space Habits

Making homework a habit is a given, but designating the right time and place for it is equally important. It is recommended for kids to do their work in a clean and quiet place, away from distractions, as soon as they are back from school. Before playing video games, surfing online, or watching TV, they should complete their homework in order to avoid procrastination. Creating this habit will only help your children in the long run seeing as procrastination is a very common negative habit amongst students.

2. Use the Pomodoro Technique!

Based on the amount of homework your kids have, it is acceptable to allow them to take short breaks. In some cases, it is enough to schedule those breaks between assignments. However, some assignments may take a longer time to complete. If this is the case, we recommend the Pomodoro Technique. It is a useful tool that improves time management, helps maintain motivation and focus, and increases accountability. All you need to apply this technique is a timer!

Set the timer for 25 min during which your children will be working on their homework without distractions. At the end of the 25 min, allow them to take a 5 min break if they have still not finished their work. Once the 5 min are up, repeat the 25 min work interval. Cycle through this interval process of 25 min of work and 5 min breaks until your children’s homework is complete. If your children have repeated the cycle four times, they can have a 15-30 min break before starting the next 25 min of work.

3. Don’t Bribe, Reward

There is a remarkable difference between bribing your kids and rewarding them. Unfortunately, it is easy to fall in the wrong category if one is not careful. Rewards are compensations for doing something good whilst bribes are to stop someone from doing something bad. Offering new toys or electronics in exchange of homework completion will only make your kids associate homework with material gain instead of deepening their understanding and feeling pride over accomplishing something difficult. It is better to compensate rather than to manipulate.

4. Set Clear Expectations

Let your children know what quality you expect from their homework before they begin working on it. This way, they will keep your expectations in mind as they complete their work. It will save you time and their time as well.

5. Help Is OK!

Doing your children’s homework is counterproductive and never acceptable. However, you are allowed to help them understanding the instructions. If you notice that your children continue to struggle with a subject, it is OK to seek for outside help. This can be help from their school teacher or after-school tutoring. At Maestri, we are devoted to helping kids develop healthy and lasting homework habits and making sure they fully understand what they are learning. For this reason, we offer group homework Tutoring Monday-Thursday for kids of all ages. You can find more information here.